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This web page is dedicated to our ancestors, who have impacted our lives in so many ways. As we learn about them and share their stories they become more than names on a piece of paper. They are real people with whom we now feel a connection.

DNA group started for Hershberger

Announcing DNA group started for Hershberger.

The DNA Hershberger project is located at https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/hershberger-harshbarger



Jacob Levan formally assumed to be married to Magdalena Wink but proven to be married to Magdalena Levan daughter of Daniel Levan married to Susanna Seigfried through Wills and now through my matching DNA to Magdalena wife of Jacob Levan. Previous DNA matches to Jacob Levan her husband.

Change in Mertz Information

According to the mertzgenealogy.com I have some incorrect information concerning David Mertz brothers. I had Johannes and Johan Henry being brothers of David and that is in error. They were evidently part of other Mertz families. In 1728 a will of Peter Mertz, David's father, lists David's mother as Anna Barbara Zimmermann daughter of Benedict Zimmermann. David's siblings were listed as Anna Margaretha married to Abraham Vautrin, Hans Jacob, Anna Barbara married to Ulrich Burckhalter and Johann Peter. Peter the father remarried Susanna Braconnier and had the following children, Anna Catharina, Hans Nickel, Johann, Anna Magadalena. For more information go to the above web site.http://mertzgenealogy.com


Nita Books

Besides the ancestor charts there are three books copied to this site:

The Ancestors of Samuel LeVan Hershberger Including Allied Families of Keller, Shirk, LeVan, Schneider, Klein, Mertz, Derr, Westen, Kohler and Haffa

Our Scottish Heritage The McCrae Story, Including Allied Families of Beattie, Hogg, Galloway, Blain, McGrange

Our Scottish Heritage The McIntosh and McKenzie Story Including Allied Families of Olgivie, Lamond, McHardy, McDonald, Stewart, Grant, Durward, McGregor    

I have digital images of the books but they would not be searchable by google. So as of now I have the books loaded in PDF images which are searchable and can be downloaded.

The books will not be without mistakes, some which have been corrected. I will try and put that same information in a correction file.

Because research is always on going, there is always new information becoming available and we will add updates to these books as it becomes available.

I am opened to any discussion about these families and welcome any additions or corrections. Hopefully together we can correct some of the misinformation that is out there.

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