About Us

Nita's story

I have been working on my pedigree chart for almost 55 years. I became interested in my family after my grandfather died and I read the life story that he had written. From then on I was hooked and finding my ancestors became my lifetime hobby. I also taught genealogy classes for Adult Education, served as president of local genealogical society, and director of Family History Library.

About fifteen years ago I decided that my file drawers were overflowing with information I had collected and now I needed to do something with it. So much of my research was done before the days of computers. Also as I got older I realized my brain wasn't as sharp as I wanted it to be in remembering all my research. So I decided to publish a book, which would be a collection of my research. Well it didn't take me long to find out that it wouldn't all fit in one book. This project turned out to be three books and would take me ten years to complete.

Although these books have been placed in libraries around the country, I have now chosen to add these books to the internet so this research may be more readily available. This web page is the results of all my years of research.

Jim's story

I have had a love of family history since my mom carted me off to libraries with her. Most of what I know about my ancestors come from my mother's work. I inherited the volumes of research she had done along with her of love of research.

I would like to share my family history in hopes of finding others of the same line that may share information. Especially with such dead ends as Patrick Caffrey, my 3rd great grandfather. My DNA is registered at SMGF.com