Daniel LeVan

DANIEL LEVAN (the father of all of our Berks County, Pennsylvania ancestors)

Previously what was known about Daniel was from the book by Rev Warren Patten Coon, The LeVan Family. It said Daniel that was of Picardy France, which by the way is a large area of France, and was a Huguenot. He was supposedly a weaver, and since most of Picardy were silk weavers that would make sense. The story was that he was married to Maria LeBeau and they escaped France into Holland. She supposedly sewed gold coins into her dress to get their money out of France.. They were parents of Abraham LeVan, baptized September 21 1698 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, whose baptismal certificate has been circulating for years. Evidently it was issued in 1751. A look at this certificate can be found in the book Memorials of Huguenots in the Americans by Stapleton on the internet at: http://www.archive.org/details/memorialshugen00stapgoog

You will see from the following research that a lot of the circulating information was not correct

1, They were not married in France but in the Walloon Church in Amsterdam, Holland. This might seem like a remarriage in a church, except previously they were living in separate dwellings.

2. Death record in Walloon Church in Amsterdam gives death dates but not sure they died in Amsterdam because there is an entry in records that says They left for Germany 24 July 1699.

3. Son Jacob was married and had a son Sebastian in Hockenheim, Germany 1727.

4. Son Daniel was married in Hockenheim Germany 1727.

5. There was a Sebastian Graff godfather to Jacob's son Bastian. A Sebastain Graff also immigrated same time as Jacob and Ann Maria 1727  and settle where they did do pretty sure he is her brother.